Battleship game

Battleship 2019 – All The Things You Need To Know

Battleship is a war-themed board game that is played between two players, where the opponent uses its knowledge and tries to guess the location of other ships. The game was played in the pencil-and-paper version, which dates back to the World War I, however, the entire world recognizes Battleship to be played in a plastic board game, which was first put in the market in 1967 by the Milton Bradley Company. In this ear, the game is available through many mobile applications and online websites for individuals of all ages.

How to play?

The main goal of this game is to guess ships’ locations that are kept hidden by each player, under the plastic grids, which has space coordination of both horizontal and vertical. To know how to play battleship, you need to call out the coordinates and the row of your opponents’ grid, to identify the square if there is a ship under it.

All the players will be given two grids each, one grid will hide your ship and the other will keep the records of the shots, which you have fired at your opponent. This also helps in keeping documented the shots that were missed, and fired, respectively. To win the game, you have sink all your opponents’ sink by properly guessing their location.

How to place your ships in the correct order?

Placing your ships hidden in battleship online is to let your opponent take a long time until he/she finds all of them. In the basic level, you need to hide your ship randomly somewhere. The other placement guidelines will give you an idea on how your opponent will attack you. Given below are some points and battleship strategy that will allow you to receive proper knowledge when you set up your board. They are:

1. Make sure your ships do not touch each other: Never make the mistake of placing two ships close to each other. When your opponent locks its target on your ship, will probably circle that location to find the other ships. If he/she finds you have two ships together, it will be you losing an extra ship.

2. Put your ship at the edge: There are many players, you will aim to fire in the middle row. Keeping 1-2 ships near the edge of the board will serve you, as an advantage. Do not place all your ships towards and know the battleship rules, it is better not to give your opponent the hint where all your ships are located.

3. Use the asymmetrical formation: Do not place your ships in the same order. Just because you placed one of your ships, two squares in the lower level, it is unnecessary to follow the same pattern for the upper level. Once your opponent gets hold of the positions of your ship, he/she will eventually know the location of your next ship.

Setting up the board

In the battleship multiplayer game you and all the players will receive two grids. There are ships, which have holes that have the hit pegs inserted in them and has a supply of red and white pegs that are normally called the miss and hit markers. The five of ships are:

  • Destroyer – Has two holes.
  • Submarine – Has three holes.
  • Carrier – Has five holes.
  • Battleship – Has four holes.
  • Cruiser – Has three holes.

You and your opponent must face each other across the battleship 2 player platform, and you need to position your targeted grids in a vertical manner. This will allow neither you nor your opponent to see each other’s ship locations or the ocean grids.

The rules

The regulation and rules of battleship game are simply, as you go head to head with your opponent on the 10×10 grip. If you manage to destroy the whole fleet of your opponent’s ships, you get to win the game and vice versa. You will get your chance of attacking only after your opponent, is done with the guessing. You can choose the basic level or the advanced level, which you think you can good at.